Thursday’s meeting at BearWaters Brewery

“We had 25 at BearWaters last night and Ken, thank you so much, gave us a great presentation on gravel riding in our area. It was replete with hand outs showing routes off Exit 7 (Harmon’s Den) as well as a classic loop ride from Black Camp Gap, just off the Parkway, into the Cherokee Nation, then deep into the Smokies before a leisurely 17 mile climb back to the start. Several of the members who have done it said it’s fabulous, especially during wildflower season as the varieties are abundant due to several thousand feet of elevation getting dropped then climbed.

Janet and I are probably going to do an out and back on the 12 Mile Strip, a good beginning ride, Sunday afternoon but haven’t firmly committed yet. Will put a yea or nay out no later than tomorrow morning. Thanks again, Ken, you are greatly appreciated. –Bob [Clark]”

Someone has asked about handouts being available for those who could not attend.    Per Michele T they’re to be in the February edition of the club newsletter.